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Tips for Great Children's Portraits

Bring Props

Bring your own props to personalize the photos. A favorite toy or stuffed animal can make for a memorable portrait.

Bring a Theme Toy

Toys that match a theme, such as Blue's Clues toys for a birthday photo where Blue's Clues was the party theme, or trains for Christmas photos can really liven things up.

Limit Clothing Changes

Limit clothing changes to 1 or 2 outfits. More than that makes for a cranky child. Please let us know ahead of time the number of outfits you are planning. It helps us plan the session so that everything goes smoothly.

Spontaneity is Best

Please don't precondition your children how to behave or to smile. You will be disappointed with stiff looks and fake smiles. A natural smile must come from the heart and we will do our best to capture that. Simply prepare your preschool children by saying you are going to visit a fun place and play for a while. If you can provide us with any secret information such as their special interests, pets, girlfriends, etc. it may give us just what we need to get a perfect spontaneous expression at the right moment.

Arrive Early

Arrive a little early so your child has a chance to adjust to the studio. Schedule Your Child’s Best Time Make appointment time at your child's best time of day!

Full Tummies

Feed child just before portrait session. "A full baby is a happy baby."

Extra Outfits

Bring extra outfits, just in case.

Check Shoes

"Show those toes!" Check baby shoes. Are they clean? Are the bottoms too colorful? Do they match the outfit? But remember, you might not even need shoes. We love to show those toes!


If they have to get a haircut do it at least two weeks before your portrait session.

Little Girls

Check the dress at home first. How does she sit in it? Does it ride up? Do the diapers/panties show?
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